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Internet Mobile Communications Ltd (IMC) are global leaders in international voice, data, sms, and value added services, specifically providing quality connectivity to the international carrier telecommunications community and the smartphone users of the world.

IMC developed, own and operate the Bank of Telecom ® the global automated market for telecommunications suppliers that carries well over a million minutes of international telephony every day and settles hundreds of supplier invoices via same day US$ payments between over 1,100 carrier Members across 132 markets every month.

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IMC is also the world’s first regulated international settlements provider using blockchain via its Maltese subsidiary and MFSA regulated subsidiary Internet Mobile Communications Malta Ltd owners and operators of the BoTCoin Market; www.botcoinmarket.com where carriers can make instantaneous payments for $10 to any international carrier BoTCoin account.  All BotCoin account holders receive a 1% initial deposit bonus and a % per month loyalty bonus on deposits, savings of 87.5% on transactions versus Bank wire fees and all cashflow related payments issues are negated in this closed user group of trusted telecoms companies across over 100 countries.

IMC also provides IMC Xpress ® the elite SIP trunking service derived from over 800 MNO and PTT interconnects for Premium A to Z termination.

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IMC also offer ecomo® the global smartphone calling community to the world. The ecomo® smartphone calling application for smartphones has over 700,000 consumer customers across 214 countries and ecomo® has a global social media following of over 2.2m people.

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IMC also provides Mobile Applications, Mobile Websites, Digital Marketing and Social Media marketing to Businesses globally. ecomo® Agency has an impressive portfolio of services offered and maintained to a wide range of companies. If your business needs cost effective digital and social media marketing services then join us and let us share our world.

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