1st October 2016 – IMC Open Bank of Telecom ® Branch in Moldova.

Internet Mobile Communications Ltd (IMC) are pleased to announce the opening of the Bank of Telecom ® Branch in Chisinau, the Capital city of the Republic of Moldova.

The office is located on the 4th Floor at 28 Armeneasca Street in the centre of the city the office will primarily develop the Bank of Telecom ® Russian market and address the growing commercial management of the 80 or so Russian speaking Bank of Telecom ® Members. The office houses a second Network Operations Centre and performs the rates management function for the Bank of Telecom ®.

Mr Eugene Nedbailo, Commercial Director, Bank of Telecom ® said “We are delighted to have opened the Moldovan office here in Chisinau and we have already appointed the key management staff to move the business forward.”

The Bank of Telecom ® has over 350 Members worldwide and the system allows all telecommunications suppliers to trade international voice minutes using a fully automated trading and payments system that saves users time improving efficiencies and margins whilst reducing operational expenditures and Bank wire fees.

For more information: www.im-comms.com