5th January 2016 – IMC Forge Western Union Partnership

Internet Mobile Communications Ltd (IMC) is delighted to announce Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) as its strategic Payments Partner enabling the fast delivery of cost effective USD payments for ALL Bank of Telecom ® Members.

Bank of Telecom ® is the global market for international voice telecom suppliers. Launched on 1st September 2015 Bank of Telecom ® already has over 150 Members.

Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) enables companies of all sizes to send and receive cross-border payments. WUBS have great expertise in moving USD funds around the globe with a global financial network spanning more than 170 countries and territories.

Bank of Telecom ® Members currently reside in 52 countries across every Continent with the majority of Members represented in South America, Africa and Asia.

 The financial benefits to ALL Bank of Telecom ® Members are:

1. > 70% Saving on Bank Charges

2. Same day payments confirmed by Western Union email

3. Automatic payments for any value for a single US$20 charge.

Mark Stewart, CEO, Bank of Telecom ® said “Members avoid big Bank charges for any transaction and get paid any amount for a single US$20 charge”.Bank of Telecom ® does not use a Bank to pay its Members and so does not pass on Bank charges to its Members. ALL Members trading on Bank of Telecom ® will see a dramatic increase in trade margin from using the service. Please contact your commercial representative for a FREE cost comparison.The Bank of Telecom® portal (www.bankoftelecom.com) is offered in Chinese, Russian, Spanish and English as the world’s first voice telecoms market for suppliers.IMC’s vision is to continue to develop its business for all nationalities, cultures, languages and locations for consumer and business users worldwide.

For more information: www.im-comms.com

About Western Union:

Western Union Business Solutions are a Fortune 500 global leader in foreign exchange (FX) and a trusted international payments provider with clients operating in over 200 countries and territories around the world. Western Unions dedicated team helps companies of all sizes operate across borders and currencies with confidence and success. Western Union have a range of simple basic payment solutions through to more complex, sophisticated cash management solutions and risk management products for larger organisations with more complex FX needs.