4th May 2016 – IMC Bank of Telecom® April Sales US$1m

Internet Mobile Communications Ltd (IMC) confirm its revenues for the Bank of Telecom ® international voice market for telecom suppliers exceeded US$1m in the month of April 2016. Bank of Telecom ® Members now has over 250 voice telecoms suppliers from 67 countries around the world.

Bank of Telecom ® Members are in every continent with 24% of Members based is Asia, 23% in South America, 22% in Africa, 18% in Europe and 13% in North America.

Bank of Telecom ® CEO Mark Stewart said “Bank of Telecom ® continues to grow globally in each continent as we develop a truly global international voice market for the telecoms industry”.

Bank of Telecom ® is the global telecommunications market place for telecommunications suppliers. All Members pay a US$250 membership fee following a stringent verification process, to gain immediate access to the global voice telecommunications market.

The Bank of Telecom® portal is offered in Chinese, Russian, Spanish and English as the worlds first global telecoms supplier market.

For more information: www.im-comms.com