Bank of Telecom® Kills Dead Money

Bank of Telecom® speeds payments to Members for a US$20 Fee saving more than 75% on Bank Wire Fees (Cheapest int’l Bank wire fee US$80)

Bank of Telecom® improves its Members ‘Cashflow’ by;

  • Processing International US$ Payments to settlement within 2 hrs (Versus 5 days via a Bank)
  • Paying out ANY amount; no need to wait until each Customer owes $2,000 (as per industry standard)
  • Offering Payment terms faster than standard industry 7 by 7 (7 day invoice period with 7 days to pay) offering 7 by 1, 7 by 3, 3 by 1 and 1 by 1 terms.

At Bank of Telecom® we are proud to Kill Dead Money. In fact its our purpose our proposition our joy.

Bank of Telecom® is the global disruptor of int’l banking for the telecom sector – we Kill Dead Money saving your telecom company money in the process!

So what is ‘Dead Money’.

Well when a carrier pays another carrier using a traditional Bank – Dead Money is created – its how Banks make money – an estimated US$1.5Bn in 2017 by simply siting on our telecom industry money for 3 to 5 days for each payment we made to each other.

Bank of Telecom® helps to stop this happening.