Bank of Telecom® Payments

Bank of Telecom® provides the telecoms companies the best industry wide cost effective fast and secure alternative for international US$ payments to over 170 countries world wide. Why use a traditional Bank when you can use Bank of Telecom ® to Save 75%+ on Bank wire fees.

Bank of Telecom® Payments are only available to Bank of Telecom® Members and with Banks charging $70 to $150 for each international payment and taking 3 to 5 days to settle while they sit on your money earning interest its no wonder over 600 telecoms carriers have joined us.

At Bank of Telecom® we provide the Telecoms industry the fastest US$ international payments for a $20 charge for international transfers we would expect to clear in 2 hours to your account. Worst case same day settlement because of time difference.

All payments are confirmed by email by the Bank of Telecom ®


Why its Works for Telecoms

Bank of Telecom® Members trade telecom services with as many as a thousand other telecom companies around the world and normally Telcos have many small invoices as well as large ones.

In a global industry where invoices under $2,000 in value are held and not paid out Bank of Telecom ® Payments has the solution to this cash flow and potential ‘bad’ debt issue.

As a Member wishing to pay another carrier a small less than US$2,000 carrier bill all you have to do is check your supplier is a Member of Bank of Telecom®

If the carrier is a Member simply pay them;

If they are not earn a $100 referral fee if you successfully invite a carrier to join Bank of Telecom®

(Note your invited Telco must clear verification)

How It Works

All Members have a unique Bank of Telecom® ID number.

To pay another Member the Paying Member must simply provide the ID Number of the Member and the intended amount to be paid to Bank of Telecom® *

You will receive a email to confirm the payment has been made and the Payee will receive the payment the same day.

* NB: Bank of Telecom® Payments is a US$ only payment service