HLR Look UP, Data Cleansing

Every database contains bad data, in the form of invalid numbers, duplicate contacts, and landline numbers. This situation is aggravated by Mobile portability issues where it becomes impossible to be 100% sure by looking at a number which operator is supporting it. Sorting through an endless database of thousands or millions of mobile numbers seems to be a herculean task. Luckily, the Bank of Telecom® HLR Look Up service is here to clean your database of bad data!

What is an HLR Lookup?

HLR is an acronym that stands for Home Location Register. This is a centralized database used by SMS aggregators and wireless carriers in order to correctly route their SMS traffic and ensure accurate network billing all over the globe. It makes network identification a breeze, providing results in milliseconds and helping businesses avoid huge costs. After all, there is no point in wasting money on the failed delivery of text messages.

Who Needs HLR Lookup

The HLR lookup service is an ideal solution for people who:

> need an accurate contact database

> don’t want to pay for messages sent to wrong or inactive numbers

> want to make sure the numbers refer to carriers covered by the bulk SMS service

This is How HLR Look Up Works

HLR database contains information about all cell phone subscribers who have access to the GSM network and gets updated each time a mobile operator activates a new number. These numbers are kept in the database as long as they are being used by subscribers. The number that is no longer used gets automatically deleted from the database. Such checks are performed in a non-invasive way so that the subscribers won’t see anything on their phones

Validate Your Numbers Via Bank of Telecom® SMS HLR Service

Squeeze the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns with HLR Lookup. This is a perfect solution for ensuring your contact list is valid and clean. The Bank of Telecom® bulk SMS service provides mobile number validation and identification through the HLR database. Simply register on our website, upload your contact list, and you’re ready to go!

Top 3 reasons to Validate Numbers using HLR:

> Increase the reliability of your customer Database records

> Solving problems associated with Mobile number portability

> Reduce costs by sending SMS messages to valid mobile numbers only