SMS for Business

A text message web service offers a secure, cost effective, efficient means of communication that differs from the usual mobile operator. We act as an intermediary between mobile operators and corporate clients and provide the optimal means of sending large SMS sends for multi purpose campaigns and other formats. Ordinary users do not have access to direct mobile SMS internet texting service gateways. Joining our service gives market access but initial customer traffic may be small and so our service bridges the gap between our new customers and the volume users in the market.

Bank of Telecom® has contracted connections with over 600 worldwide carriers, meaning we operate with the capabilities of a major Mobile Operator but with faster payments and a simpler interface to send and receive SMS.

Why SMS Text Messaging Services for Business

Web based texting services are essential for cost effective company advertising and marketing whilst also demonstrating a wide market reach. According to the latest statistics, approximately 90% of text advertisements are read. This reflects a huge marketing opportunity, enabling businesses to reach their target audience with beneficial offers in an attentive manner, bolstering your customers’ brand loyalty. Web based text messaging will effectively aid the delivery of a premium quality advertising campaign by offering a comprehensible and practical sms text message service.

Features of our SMS service include:

> Swift and simple customer registration

> Comprehensive reporting showing read receipts and times and resends and more

> Fast and easy SMS advertising

> Easy open source access to our SMS gateway to perform automatic delivery of message from online retailers, online services, CRM systems, etc.

> Attract new customers using our massive number base for SMS sending (segmented by region and operator)

> Manage customer feedback and our interactive sms delivery allows fast customer uptake with statistics to support campaign effectiveness

Fast payments to supplier via the Bank of Telecom®

The Bank of Telecom® SMS service offers limitless business and marketing opportunities for both corporate and private users. Don’t miss this opportunity to join us and benefit today.