SMS Partnering

Bank of Telecom® will be more than willing to work with SMS aggregators and businesses of all sizes and locations. Bank of Telecom® sales staff are able to discuss with you in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Romanian and Turkish and are dedicated to selecting the right reselling option to meet your needs to generate the best additional income. Need a white label SMS solution? We can provide the Bank of Telecom® SMS platform at no cost. If you are a SMS aggregator interested in a partnership just give local Bank of Telecom® office a call and we will happily assist your enquiry.

Why Partner With Bank of Telecom® SMS Portal?

> Bank of Telecom® has offices in UK, Chile, India, and Moldova with qualified SMS specialists that can speak your language!

> Extensive connections to over 500 major carrier interconnects Bank of Telecom® SMS delivers unbeatable quality and price

> Incredibly Low Rates – We offer wholesale SMS rates so you can add your margins and earn online

> High SMS messaging throughput – our online texting service has a reliable delivery speed of over 50 texts messages per second

> User-friendly global SMS Solutions – Bank of Telecom® makes group texting an incredibly easy process

> We are easily accessible by call and have NOCs in multiple time zones dedicated to providing you with unlimited support

> Detailed Reporting – Our SMS billing system offers everything you need for transparent payment and accurate account monitoring

> Fast International Payments – its easy to forget we settle USD internationally in 2hrs for any sum for $20 single charge!

Ideal Candidates for Partnering With Our SMS Portal

> Software developers who want to launch a new software division in the most cost-effective way

> Digital agencies that are in need of a wider range of services to their customers

> Web developers & advisory businesses that would like to expand their web presence

> SMS aggregators that might take advantage of our low rates and direct connections