IMC Xpress

What is IMC Xpress®

IMC Xpress ® is the elite Premium & Standard A to Z for professional voice service providers. This unique SIP trunking service derived from over 800 MNO and PTT interconnects for A to Z termination. IMC Xpress ® allows all Members to enjoy quality calls at the best cost Premium and Standard A to Z termination, on a pre paid basis. All Members receive Quality Monitoring for their Top Ten routes, Dedicated 60 channels of capacity, Comprehensive Reporting features, Email Support and Automatic Rate Change Notifications as standard.

Why IMC Xpress®

IMC Xpress® fills a gap in the market enabling its Members to offer their customers the highest quality voice termination at the best possible price via dedicated capacity. IMC Xpress® is proud to provide its Members a superior transparent SIP trunking service delivering a simple immediate solution at trade cost.

Payment Options

Payment terms are pre payment only via Bank transfer in USD. Members can try our service by sending via PayPal a $25 prepaid starter credit to [email protected] IMC Xpress ® works on cleared funds.

Getting Started

Simply register at:

Just enter your company details and share your IP address and we will confirm your Membership by email. Your new account will go live once your monthly fee is paid.

IMC Xpress ® Features

All IMC Xpress ® customers enjoy the following impressive service features;

Quality Monitoring

Each IMC Xpress ® customer can select monitoring options for their own top ten destinations. The quality statistics may be viewed for each of the specified routes and include ASR, ACD and PDD.

Dedicated Termination Capacity

All IMC Xpress® customers are allocated a dedicated 60 channel capacity for their termination needs.

Comprehensive Reporting Features

IMC Xpress® customers enjoy many reports including CDRs, Daily Usage, Account Balance, Calls, Minutes, and Total Costs. Member top 7 destinations may be viewed by minutes volume and spend. Quality stats for the last 60 minutes and 24 hours may also be viewed for each route.

Bespoke Features

IMC Xpress® customer may specify Bespoke changes to their own reports to meet their specific needs.

Email Support

IMC Xpress ® customers also receive Email Support within 1 hour of an email help request between the hours of 8am and 6pm GMT, next day in the case out of hours.

Automatic Rate Change Notifications

IMC Xpress ® Customer receives all rate changes on specified routes as standard to their designated rates email address.