Soft Switch Solutions


Soft Switch Solutions

Bank of Telecom® offers its Members Session Border Controller (SBC) Softswitch solutions for Retail and Wholesale Carriers. 

Bank of Telecom® is an authorised Agent of the Cataleya Corporation of Singapore. Bank of Telecom® are pleased to offer the advanced, next-generation, scalable SBC solutions to all our Members who are looking for an innovation, simplified and investment protected soft switch solutions.  

Bank of Telecom® is pleased to promote Cataleya’s Orchid One and Orchid Air offers.                

Cataleya’s Orchid One delivers true end-to-end visibility into network performance, from transport to application layers, with the ability to offer guaranteed service level agreements (SLAs).

Cataleya’s Orchide Air virtualized software SBC is tailored to meet today’s Communication Service Providers’ switching requirements which increasingly run as wholesale and retail cloud applications.

If you are interested in Cataleya solutions and request for further discussion, please feel free to contact our Business Development Director, Ellen Shao in the UK  on+441245 337272 or email Ellen at [email protected].