Orchid Air – Flexible, scalable and zero CAPEX real-time communication switching in the cloud

Cataleya’s virtualized software SBC is tailored to meet today’s Communication Service Providers’ switching requirements which increasingly run as wholesale and retail cloud applications. Security and reliability, coupled with simple and rapid scalability, are key to enabling dynamic growth, without the need for large upfront investments.

Cataleya’s license subscription model lets your cost base mirror your revenue model. Network licensing instead of node licensing drives optimized subscription utilization levels to the utmost, hence reducing the overall operating costs. 

In addition, Orchid Air’s multi-tenancy feature gives you the ability to host several clients as their own individual partition on one virtual instance. Your PaaS customers can therefore view their system and its performance, including real-time QoS and fraud analytics, independently at any time. Finally, to make it a true SaaS, it comes with an SLA commitment.

Key features:

Architecture, Performance & Scalability

  • Optimized “Fastpath” packet processing
  • Distributed control and media plane architecture
  • Dynamic scaling
  • Service and context aware traffic management ensure high SLAs

Operations & Orchestration

  • Cataleya central operations manager
  • Multi-tenancy features
  • Integration with cloud infrastructure management solutions
  • API & Northbound interfaces
  • Network wide licensing

Service & Revenue Assurance

  • Real-time analytics/QoS session steering
  • Big Data network & service analytics
  • SLA management
  • Intuitive diagnostic tools
  • Fraud & anomalies management
  • Integrated Business Intelligence (BI)

Deployment Flexibility

  • Commodity hardware ‘Bare Metal’ SBC platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Virtualized SBC ‘Virtual Network Function (VNF)’ as a service (VaaS)
  • Network Partition as a Service (iNaaS)