Wholesale SBC Soft Switch Solutions

Hosted SBC Solutions for Wholesale Carriers with Integrated Payments

Bank of Telecom® SBC solutions provide premium software as a solution for low-cost enterprises at an affordable price. Our Hosted solutions are completely Web-based, providing an easy-to-use service for managing and controlling your businesses right from your web browser. Our Hosted solutions are deployed on strictly clean servers with a significant bandwidth allocation, which ensures trouble-free uptime with high quality.

The Bank of Telecom® solutions are a vital component to support the growth and prosperity of your new business.

Our softswitch is offered in a capacity-based structure based on your concurrent calls or calls per second. The solutions are divided into two levels of service, a solution for shared partitions and our premium placement, a solution for corporate placement, determined by your specific requirements for the infrastructure.

The integrated payments of Bank of Telecom® automate payments to suppliers and invoices for sale to customers, saving you time and money, increasing the efficiency of trading and allowing you to receive higher profits.

About Dedicated Hosted Wholesale SBC Solutions

Bank of Telecom®’s premium cloud-based service, the Dedicated Hosted solutions combine the complete versatility and control of a flexible rental license, with a state of the art rented server and dedicated bandwidth within one of Bank of Telecom® Cogent/Softlayer colocation centres within the Americas, Europe and Asia.

We offer Dedicated Hosted solutions to companies who are serious about their flourishing business, requiring full control of their cloud-based switch with exclusive bandwidth, server resources, and precise remote monitoring. Appreciate premium services with flexible maintenance and updating schedules, dynamic scalability, comprehensive support, and selection of Hardware specification, for additional operational stability and the highest quality service to your customers.

As a Dedicated Hosted customer, expand your business laterally with the addition of the Environments module, empowering your business to diversify with isolated White label platforms, offering independent switch partitions for your resellers or partners. Retain control of Capacity and Performance, and enjoy central Monitoring for your infrastructure stability and precise troubleshooting management.

Price (US$)
Concurrent Calls
Cals Per Second
Est. Monthly Term

**Pricing listed is in US Dollars and is an estimation that is based on a standard Wholesale configuration, passing a low percentage of RTP Media sessions through Built-in RTPproxy. Consideration of your network and consequent server specification requirements need to be considered to provide an accurate quote for your business.

A $200.00 Setup fee and Installation fee is applied to all DEDICATED Hosted account activations.